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About The Producer

Welcome to the creative hub curated by yours truly, Dwight D-Major Jones! With over 35 years immersed in the art of music production and engineering, I stand as your guide to a world where reggae beats transcend the ordinary.

🔊 The Beat Behind the Name:

Known in the industry as a maestro of sound, I've shaped and curated beats that resonate with the very essence of reggae music. My journey began with a profound love for reggae, cultivating a passion that now permeates every project I touch.

💻 Navigating the Sonic Landscape:

As an audio engineer, my expertise spans a myriad of genres, but my heart beats to the reggae rhythm. Over the years, I've honed my skills not just in crafting beats but in navigating the intricate world of AI and digital stem separation. "Who Knows" by Proteje featuring Chronixx, a reggae anthem revered for its quality, became my canvas to showcase the intersection of technology and timeless musicianship.

🚀 ProAudio Stems: Where Art Meets Technology:

In my quest for perfection, I birthed ProAudio Stems – a haven for reggae creators seeking the perfect blend of AI innovation and hands-on expertise. I understand the struggles of finding quality stems for remixes and dub plates, and ProAudio Stems emerged as the solution.

🔊 Crafting Sonic Journeys:

Join me in crafting sonic journeys that elevate your reggae experience. The journey doesn't stop at separation; it's about enhancing, creating, and preserving the heart of reggae in every beat.

🌟 A Reggae Family:

Beyond the studio, I invite you to become part of our Reggae Family. Join our Facebook group for insider tips, ongoing support, and a community that shares your passion for reggae excellence.

Let's amplify your reggae beats, one stem at a time. Welcome to the home of ProAudio Stems, where music meets its VIP upgrade! 🔊✨